Frequently Asked Questions


What is family documentary photography and film?

Documenting families is about savouring the nostalgic moments in time and creating the feeling of floating into a memory. Family documentary captures the beauty in everyday life; the mundane and the imperfect. These photographs and films are the illustrations to your family storybook, that will read itself and be retold for generations within your family. They are real, raw, irreplaceable heirlooms.

What documentary/lifestyle packages do you offer and how much do they cost?

Please download my current Documentary/Lifestyle 2019 Price List HERE.

Do you do you any styling?

I want you and your family to feel as comfortable as possible during your session and your photographs or film to be an honest snapshot of your lives at this exact moment in time, which includes the clothes that you would normally wear. And so, no, I do not offer styling officially. However, I do have some suggestions so that we can achieve more aesthetically pleasing images for you. Try to avoid fluorescent colours, distracting patterns, logos or text on your clothes. Also, please don’t wear caps or sunglasses. Neutral tones are often the most complementary and flattering for photos, but please don’t dress the same (i.e. I am not the photographer for you if you wish to all wear matching white shirts and jeans!). Just be your natural selves!

Are all your documentary/lifestyle sessions in-home? 

Both the Family Story and The Golden Month are preferable at home, to capture the true essence of your being and the soul of your family. In-home sessions often produce more natural imagery as your family relaxes more, minus any pressure from the outside world. Bump shoots are also wonderfully cosy in-home, but I am equally keen on shooting you and your growing belly on location if you’d like to get more artsy with me.

What if my children are misbehaving during the shoot?

Children will be children. Babies will be babies. They are bound, at one point or another, to not behave in the way we would like them to for the purposes of the shoot. It’s best not to stress about this or project your frustrations. Children are intuitive. They soak up the world around them and can sense any tension or unease much easier than you may realise. Both the Family Story and The Golden Month sessions allow plenty of time for children to become comfortable with me and my camera. It is actually most often the case that they will behave perfectly, especially if you involve them in the process. 

When is the best time to book a documentary session?

Depending on your family’s normal routine, we can work out a unique timeframe for you. Usually, I’d recommend a time in which you do a specific activity all together that you’d like to remember. I.e dinner time, bath time, playtime after school etc.

I’m worried my family is too boring. Do you plan any activities?

Before your session, I will email you a questionnaire so that I can get to know what you and your family are all about, what your values are and what your daily life might look like. From here, I can usually make some suggestions, however photographs and films often flow beautifully when the moments are left candid. Trust me, you are not boring. There is always beauty woven into the fabric of our day to day lives that you as a mother or father, may not always see. It’s often not until it is presented to you from an outsider’s perspective that this becomes tangible.

How long will you stay for the session?

I will usually stay with you for approximately 3-4 hours during your Family Story session, 2-3 hours during your Golden Month session, and roughly 1 hour during your Bump session. If you would like to add on extra time, this is certainly possible and we can discuss this at the time of booking.

I’d like to order more printed products from you, is this possible?

Absolutely! After receiving your online gallery, or even months down the track, you may like to purchase more than the included 10 prints. Additional prints for your leather envelope can certainly be ordered in lots of 5, as well as a stunning range of framed products from my professional printing lab to hang on your wall. And I truly mean that when I say they are STUNNING. I would be so so happy to go through these options with you at any time, and I can promise, you will not be disappointed.