A little piece of my Rewild


I’m Laura Brink, Gold Coast Birth and Motherhood Documentarian, Photographer and Videographer.

Rewild Her was born out of my passion to simplify life itself, trust in our natural instincts and go back, deep into nature, to our most primal selves. It is there, on the most basic yet simultaneously complex of levels, that we can find our true, authentic selves. And it is there, that the true beauty of life breathes. The birth of a baby and the rebirth of a mother is an opportunity to reconnect with our most uninhibited and primal state of being. To be wild of heart and mind is liberating, exhilarating and empowering.

Capturing births through my lens is a means through which I can educate and empower women and mothers. It is a means through which I can highlight the ethereal beauty of this chapter of your life and change the dialect around birth and motherhood. Whilst birth and babies are my thing, finding and documenting the hidden beauty of everyday life is also a love of mine. Forget Instagram. Forget Pinterest. These images are a reflection of the real you. Your rewild.

I am so grateful for Laura and her amazing photography skills, who captured every single precious moment of our birth to the very end. I am so extremely happy with how the photos turned out and they helped me remember and relive the moments I thought I wouldn’t want to. The birth of a child is the most challenging yet magical time of your life and to be able to look back at the raw beauty of it is just priceless to say the least. I hardly even knew she was there most of the time until I saw the photos! Thank you once again for providing us with the most amazing photos that we’ll cherish forever.
— Melissa Hartshorn, past client